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Supper with Strangers

Photo Credit:The Tasting Table

The Secret Cocina

You’ve never eaten in a restaurant like The Secret Cocina.                                The Secret Cocina is not a restaurant.

It’s my secret, nomadic kitchen with an open table for 20 guests. An underground supper club reserved for the foodie who’s bored with the typical dining experience. You could enjoy dinner with friends or explore supper with strangers in a secret, sometimes obscure location. Every function is a singular event made unique by its guests, menu, location, and my creative spawns.

The Tasting Table declared 2012 the Year of the Dinner Party and I vowed to be apart of this movement. I didn’t know, how or where, but I had faith in God that he would allow me to pursue my dreams. The Secret Cocina was birthed.

Each month I’ll extend an invitation, share the menu, and if you’re interest is peaked, you can RSVP and you will receive a link to our suggested donation site. The location will be revealed a day before.

Shhh! It’s a secret and I promise to share, if you promise not to tell.                Your Culinary Adventure Awaits……

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