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New Experiences-Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

When the weather warms up, well then you know it festival time! I probably wouldn’t be stretching the truth, if I said the Metro Atlanta area has a festival every weekend, for every occassion throughout the warmer months. Some are worth toughing out the heat and then there are those…well let’s just say, “I’ll be late for that.”

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival does not fall into that category. It’s a celebration of the South and its culture, paying homage of course to fried chicken, BBQ, and Bourbon. It’s a 3 day festival full of learning experiences, chef demostrations, food & booze everywhere!

I didn’t participate in the whole experience, but I did volunteer for a few hours in a learning experience classroom about southern microbrewing companies and then a class about Argentine wines. Giving up four measely hours of my time on a Saturday morning entitled me and my hubby (Shawn) to tickets to the Tasting Tents. In my personal opinion, the Tasting Tents are the best part of the festival considering the tickets cost $100 a PIECE! Which I guess is a really good deal if you love beer and wine.

We were so excited to attend, that we ditched my mother for mother’s day (well at least for the better half of the day) walked in the rain sans umbrella, paid $10 for parking (we never do that!), and braved the drunk crowds (we never do that either).

We had a blast and I wished I would’ve brought my camera to take more pictures. I’m new to this “document my life through pictures” thing, so bear with me, but I did want to share the pictures that my husband and I did take. Enjoy!

Me, enjoying a refreshing glass of Chardonnay, (I know it probably was a little pricey, because I don’t really care for the taste of alcohol, but hey I was thristy) compliments of Delta Airlines

My hubby was so geeked (translation: I’m  an instagram fanatic), he took a picture of his armband!

Our first stop was the Fried Chicken isle, I didn’t taste but I did nibble on a fried doughnut with some sort of sweet chicken fat syrup & it was good! As you can see, Shawn enjoyed.

The event was really crowded despite the rain which neither seem to dampen the mood.

We made a pit-stop at the OMG Booth for come Coca-Cola pics. Shawn is such a clown!

Shawn always has to take his “own” silly pic by himself, I stand to the side and giggle.

Smart Water was in the building sharing their crispy and refreshing water and they also had a cool photo booth.

We stopped by the Maker’s Mark booth to give our wine glasses a personal “Maker’s Mark" touch with red wax.

After stuffing our faces with so many foods I can’t remember and didn’t take pictures of, we ended on a fine note with a Patron Strawberry Margarita popsicle, from King of Pops

Did you go to the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival? Please share the deets!

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